Camping in Illumination Village 2009

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Camping with Illumination Village in 2009

In 2009, we've got great plans for Illumination Village.
This year, like last, we're asking for $55 from each camper.
If $55 still seems cheap, we'd gladly put whatever additional
funds you can contribute to good use.

Paying your camping fee
You can use the Paypal account below to send us your camping fees.
Please include your name, a phone number or email contact point and
the names of anyone else that you're paying for. Remember, its
$55/per camper. Send it to the email address
or click the donate button below.

If you do not have Paypal, you can send us a check; email for details on paying by check.

We need your help NOW!
Your camping fee contribution is about supporting a village that you
love, that you care about, that you're a part of. We're all proud of
being a piece of the village's legacy, now's the time turn that
pride into a contribution that gives Illumination Village the
freedom to evolve to next level. Let's build a healthy community
that provides its members with a playa home that’s a blast to be a
part of, that's powerful, vibrant, alive and full of fire.

The legacy of Illumination Village
2009 is the Illumination Village's 15th anniversary on the playa.
It's a village that's incredibly cool to be a part of.
We're a powerful force on the playa; building,
supporting and burning some of the best and biggest art the playa
has ever seen. The Illumination Village is old school fire. We bring
fuel, we bring energy, we bring art, and we burn it. BRC loves what
we do, loves that we keep the big fires burning, loves that we mix
fire and steel. We've built a reputation over the years, and this
year we're adding powerful new legends to that legacy.


- Your mayors -

Gina and Buffy



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