The Illumination Projects #13 and #14

Illumination Projects #13 and #14 "Hopes and Fears 2000"

Two 20' x 200' Double sided painting / sculpture with canvas, steel, photo-illuminaestent wire, and dreams.
The Great Lawn, Treasure Island, San Francisco CA. October 8th - 14th, 1999.
"HOUSEWARMING99" the opening of Treasure Island, paid for by a grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission.

These paintings could be seen from San Francisco at night glowing in the wind. They were commissioned by TIHDI(Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative) for the Grand Opening of Treasure Island to the public. On Sunday the 10th these paintings became the first works of public art displayed on the island since the 1940 s during the Pan Pacific Worlds Fair.

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