The Illumination Project #3

Illumination Project #3 "City Life"

5' x 100 double sided painting / sculpture with canvas and steel.
Santa Cruz and San Francisco, CA, 1996-7.

City Life contrasted the organic nature of the fabric to the hard-edged images of city life. The Illumination Project #3 lived for three months, first at The Crucible Steel Gallery (December 8th-21st) then rising on Sloat Beach, December 21st @ mid-day to be destroyed @ dusk. but it rained all day. Next, it stood up on It's Beach in Santa Cruz but because of the crowds it lived to be part of the Defenestration Benefit at the Cell. It made it's way back to Sloat Beach on March 8th and went up in a magnificent dance of wind, sand and fire.

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