You have arrived in the land of visual fun and interaction. There are no limits to the fun one can have with the marriage of light and movement.

When things get tough I go to...,

Southern tip of Cozumel. Hammock on right; location of the BEST NAP OF MY LIFE.

Now that we're rested, let's play! What you will find here is the opportinity to create and enjoy your own interactive light sticks.

There are a few different models in the works at this time. As specs become availible this page will be updated. All models are essentially a 36"-48" staff or tube with various illuminating tips. The staff is then spun like a baton, creating vivid light tracks in the night. We have the sparkle ball stick that chages colors as it is spun and the twirl glowstick staff. Both have been proven as good toys. However they do not have the fire element, but are great for parties. Plans and instrutions will be posted soon.
the ultimate in unsafe behavior is being worked on now. It involves road flares. I will post documentation as to the results as they become available. The flaming Poptart stick has not been as dramatic as hoped. Ignition problems. As this gets solved everyone will know. The next hurdle is sound. I wish to add a small sound cone on each end. So that as the staff is spun a tonality is created; changing with the velocity of the spin. Any ideas?