Burningman 1997

It was a new place, It was almost a new thing,It was back to the beach, with public transportation, more water,less dust.

Back for more Burning Man So come on in!!!

We are the IlluminationVillage dedicated to light and fire.

We are a fun loving group of artists, accountants, carpenters,caterers, social workers, office slaves and part time freaks. We are builta community of like minded people at the Haulapai Playa. To find us onthe playa you just had follow the white light or look for the Giant Paintings. Wewere many small camps, all with our own subthemes joined together by lightand fire.

We created a gallery of large and small scale,combustable works of art. The largest being The Illumination Project #5,& #6 "Fun with Fertility", "Sex on the Playa"two 10' x 300' double sided painting/sculptures on canvasand steel.

Other works of ART included but were not limited to a 12 foot Table lamp, The Man and his Brain, The incredible magnesium fire, fire dancers,the playa whip, Santa Santaria voodoo/Hello Kitty Camp(make your own Voodoodoll work shop), The cult of Barbie (room of Mirrors)and her car - Are you a natural Pink?, Take this jop and stick it up your *^%*^& ass, and many, many more. Crash test your TV

Sorry that we have not posted any new pictures yet, it will happen soon. We have been so very busy trying to pay a few bills we just do not have time. SOON I hope to do something about it. Until that time if anyone has any cool pictures from any of our art or our friends wooping it up at burning Man please e-mail me (charlie@burningart.com).