The Illumination Project #11

Illumination Project #11 "Fire, Hammers and Burning Lotus Blossoms"

10' x 100' double sided painting/sculpture with canvas and steel.
Ocean Beach, San Francisco, Ca. July 4th, 1999.

We created this piece for the 4th of July celebration. Celebrating all the people who have helped over the past few years in creating this body of work. We set it up on the beach and let it fly all day in front a crowd of a few hundred. By adding the 5'x5'x5' triangular sections to the bottom the painting was given a new dimension of sound, cracking and snapping on the wind. This painting celebrated the process of creation and destruction, with the hammer and the fire, highlighting the spiritual nature of the work with the introduction of the burning lotus. In the end it was dosed in gas and torched.

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