The Illumination Project #4

Illumination Project #4 "Sex on The Beach"

5' x 100 double sided painting / sculpture with canvas and steel.
Sloat Beach June 21st, 1997.

"Sex on the Beach" was a free standing 5 by 100 hundred foot double sided painting, held aloft by two 10 foot rebar posts and 120 feet of braided steel cable. The wind was hard blowing all day as fifty brave souls withstood the wind and sand to play with the art. The sulpture was transformed into a magnificent dance of wind, sand and fire, around 11:00pm. This was the only day in the life of this work of art, so if you didn't come, and celibrate with us on Ocean Beach at Sloat Street, you missed it. We will build more sculptures and play in the sand another time.

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