The Illumination Project #6

Illumination Project #6 "Sex on The Playa"

6' x 300' double sided interactive painting / sculpture.
The Pyrophilanthropic Soiree, Curiosa, Aug 9th, 1997.
Burning Man 97, Black Rock City, Navada, Augest 26th - Sep. 3rd, 1997.

The interactive mural, entitled "Sex on The Playa" was 6' tall by 300' long, double sided on loose canvas, painted in bright colors silk screened hundreds of times with images of beautiful women, vaginas, penises, Egyptian gods, women dancing and men screaming. It was all about fertility. The painting flew in the air when it was windy and created a wall across the desert when it was still. It survived 6 days standing up on the playa, resisting the wind, people hanging on it, critical mass nearly killing themselves on it, and all the stray fires on Saturday night. On Sunday it burned beautifully.

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