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I just created an old news archive and moved all the old stuff that was on this page into it. The link to the old news archive is in the left navbar.


I just put up the Ubergamer Manifesto. To get to it just click on the manifesto link in the left navbar. Please send me corrections, contributions, or your rants in general about it.


Martin, without a doubt our most prolific writer, has some thoughts on Game Systems Integration, universal physics, a deformable worlds.


Martin just wrote up another article once again on space sims entitled Battlestar Internetica, this time though he talks about massively multiplayer games!

Yes, it's true... the "Latest News" section is becoming too large and will soon be split up... older stuff will be put into an archived news area for posterity...


Martin has cranked out another good article, this time on space sims, be sure to read it!


I just added a a test dynamic expanding/contracting version of the art index to the site. The page should remember what areas you want open or closed between visits. The code only works on Internet Explorer, but the page should look fine under Netscape - check it out!!!
It is right here: art_index_test.html (sorry, link removed).
If people like it and don't find it to be buggy I will propagate it through the rest of the site... Let me know what you think.


The original owners of the domain name ubergame.com have agreed to sell the name to us - for a very small non speculation sponsoring price - yay! So, soon UberGame will actaully be found at http://www.UberGame.com.

We have a new writer, Martin Espinoza, so be sure to check out his first article in the featured writers area!


Well, I just added the header of the manifesto and outlines of the various sections into the main page for each section. I also added another article by Scott Stoltenkamp to the featured writers area. Check em out!

Please look below for previous news and an explanation of the state of the site...


Hello and welcome to The Computer Game Maker's Uber-Bible.

This site is currently in the process of being created, so expect most links to be broken, mistakes to everywhere, and any bookmarks you might make to become invalid.

Make sure to clear your cache and refresh often...

The only currently supported links off of this page are:
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This site is intended to be The Complete Reference for anyone making computer games from beginning hobbyists to veteran industry experts. It is also intended to cover all aspects of making games from assembly level programming to multi-million dollar marketing campaigns.

The main areas of "Uber" are Game Design, Programming, Visual & Accoustic Arts, and Business & Legal. Uber also has an Appendix containing a dictionary of terms, legal & design document skeletons, links to various community references, an index, and of course a bibliography.